Shuntaro Furukawa comments on Google Stadia

Amid Nintendo financial briefing results released today, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had words to share about the upcoming Google Stadia video game streaming platform. He welcomes Stadia into the industry.

Since his comments were in Japanese, translations are emerging. First, here is one from Yuji Nakamura, a Japanese Bloomberg tech reporter:

“We should welcome new players with new tech joining the games industry… Streaming creates a new way to deliver games to customers. And if it can dramatically grow our business, I want to think about it. But for now, I’m not seeing something huge in the future.”

Meanwhile, GoNintendo shares this:

“I think Google’s entry is welcome in the sense that the game industry will evolve as new players enter with new technologies. I do not think that the game business will change dramatically right now, but the technology will keep on coming I think it will be necessary to cope with it as it progresses.”

In essence, Furukawa has offered a pretty typical response to a new tech presence: It’s open-minded, courteous, and careful not to express the slightest bit of concern over potential new competition.

Although, maybe it really is too soon to worry about Google Stadia as a threat, considering there are real technological barriers Google still needs to prove it can overcome.


John Friscia
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