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The more desperate people get for news on a given subject, the more they’re willing to read extremely hard into a situation to parse out details that may or may not really be there. That is very much the case with the Konami Twitter account and tweets from Friday, July 31. That account tweeted out sounds from Silent Hill 2 without explanation, getting fans’ hopes up. Then whoever maintains the Konami Twitter account made follow-up tweets clarifying that the sound had been posted just to celebrate the excitement of the Dead by Daylight x Silent Hill crossover. But it gets a little weirder from there, as Eurogamer pointed out.

The person managing the Twitter account said that if news were coming, it would come from an “event or something” or an apparently official @SilentHill Twitter account that was only created this past July. Firstly, it’s adding insult to injury to clumsily mention “events” if Konami is planning no such thing, especially with its current reputation for being a slot machine company. Secondly, it’s curious that this Twitter account would try to casually direct our attention to a new Silent Hill account.

Although, it’s equally curious that the tweet concludes (with a typo no less) with, “Sorry everyone, did(n’t) mean to kill your Friday mood.” So one of two things is going on here: The Konami Twitter person is incredibly incompetent and just terrible at putting together a sentence for a massive company, or something new for Silent Hill is being teased in the weirdest possible way. Frankly, I think it’s the former.

But again, these are desperate times, and rumors of new Silent Hill developments have been floating around for a while now. By default, there will eventually be a new game, hopefully a non-slot machine. At least a new movie is in development.


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