Today in the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Simon Belmont will be the newest addition to the large character roster. Joining him in the fight is Richter, who is an echo fighter for Simon with a vastly different appearance. Alucard was also revealed as an assist trophy. Dracula will be featured in the game as well as a rare enemy encounter. The stipulations for fighting him are still a mystery.

Simon brings his iconic moveset from the Castlevania franchise into the fray. Holy water bottle throws, the cross boomerang attack, and uppercut are all fully featured. Simon’s Final Smash is the “Grand Cross,” which is easily recognizable from his parent franchise. Dracula’s castle is Simon’s representative stage, boasted as the darkest stage in the game.

Are you surprised by the official announcement? This is great representation from a beloved franchise for Castlevania fans!

Vincent Bystry
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