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Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched about a month and a half ago, and ever since fans have been using its terraforming features to get creative. We’ve seen fan builds of Ocarina of Time‘s castle courtyard, the Super Mario World map, scenes from The Office, and more! Today’s build isn’t exactly the Sinnoh remake people have been clamoring for, but it’s a lovely homage all the same. Redditor u/assaultepic has recreated the map from the fourth generation of Pokémon games.

Sinnoh remake in Animal Crossing

Pokemon Sinnoh remake aniaml crossing

As you can see from the map comparison above, this Sinnoh remake is a near 1-1 remake of the in-game map. It’s probably the most accurate fan build we’ve shared yet in terms of map comparisons, though this comes at the cost of functionality. As the creator explained in the comments, this map is “not at all” practical to live on, nor does it make for a great tour.

To be honest, it’s rather cramp, especially because I used cliffs to fill in the middle part. I haven’t done much with the island itself besides making the map, I wasn’t sure what to do next!

However, they did explain how you can create your own Pokémon maps in Animal Crossing. They used the Happy Island Designer (a fan-made tool) to import a map of Sinnoh, streamlining much of the planning for the remake. If you want to add even more authenticity to your Pokémon maps,  you can download these classic tiles and relive the Game Boy Color days.


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