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With the myriad digital conferences going on this month, you’d be forgiven for missing the odd bit of gaming news. For Skater XL, different showcases have had different exclusive reveals, with IGN showing us the Nintendo Switch version running last week. The Future Games Show had a different take, revealing a brand new map coming to Skater XL, Easy Day High School, as well as formalizing the Switch release date.

The new Skater XL level features about 25 locations inspired by historic California school skate spots. That means you might recognize some areas from the Easy Day High School level. Locations include the Wallenberg Big 4 (Wallenberg High School), the Clipper Ledge (James Lick Middle school), and “Leap of Faith” (Point Loma High School). These have all been integrated into one larger level.

Skater XL

Earlier this month, we reported on Skater XL‘s release date. Whilst other consoles got an exact date of July 28, the Switch version’s date wasn’t revealed. Now, Easy Day Studios has announced that the Switch version will indeed launch the same day as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions. It’s nice to see it come day and date, as all too often we see Switch ports put on the back burner for a later release.

Footage of the Skater XL Easy Day High School level is available below.


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