SkyScrappers is a local multiplayer title that has players battle to the death while scaling a crumbling tower. Battles can be won by overpowering your opponents in combat or by reaching the top of the tower first. An interesting premise and some nice production value gave me high hopes for SkyScrappers, but unfortunately, the execution is not quite up to snuff. More than anything else, SkyScrappers is defined by clunky gameplay and quick matches that end without a chance to truly take off.


Combat and platforming make up the gameplay of SkyScrappers, and the two do not mesh together extremely well. Each different character technically has different weapons and move sets, but ultimately everyone plays pretty much the same. You can string together some simple combos, but for the most part, fighting merely constitutes getting close to your enemy and whacking them a few times. The platforming, meanwhile, does spice things up a bit. For whatever reason, pieces of a skyscraper fall out of the sky for the duration of the battle. Jumping on these allows you to scale the building and put distance between yourself and the other players. Reach the top of the screen, and the stage will start moving with you. Others will have to scramble to catch up with you or suffer some fairly heavy damage. Get to the top of the building and you’ll win the match, but this will rarely happen–players have very little health, so matches usually end in death rather than a completed climb.

SkyScrappers is not without its moments. The pace of a battle can change in an instant should someone decide that they’d rather quickly climb than try their luck in battle. You cannot rely entirely on smooth slashes or thrifty jumps. Instead, a combination of opportunistic attacking and skillful, speedy platforming will win matches. Unfortunately, these momentum swings only happen once or twice in a match before the whole thing ends. Matches are quick–health bars are tiny, so it is very hard to survive that first combo or to catch up with the guy who decides he wants to start scaling the building.


Single player gameplay does not bring much to the table. Arcade mode is nothing more than working through a gauntlet of AI enemies. The best experiences in SkyScrappers will be against your friends, since it is a multiplayer game first and foremost. A decent game, but nothing groundbreaking, SkyScrappers is not among the eShop’s best local multiplayer games. It is par for the course, but the novelty wears thin after only a few rounds. The low price tag may make it worth the plunge for some, but most will unfortunately find that this is not worth the investment.

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Oct. 29, 2018
No. of Players: up to 4 players
Category: Arcade, Fighting, Action
Publisher: Ant Workshop
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  • Multiplayer that is fun for a few rounds


  • Not much content
  • Clunky gameplay
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