Did you like Skyloft? People are mixed in their feelings towards it. Some feel there was too little of an outdoors social scene, with most of the community hanging out by the bazaar. Others liked the overall feel of the town. Now, concept art from Hyrule Historia reveal some of the layouts the developers grappled with before finalizing on the Skyloft we see now.



It seems there were three different ideas for the layout of Skyloft:

1) [Bottom-Center Sketch] To have the town set upon a cliff or vertical incline so you would have to keep on climbing higher and higher to reach the end of the town. You can also spot a \”subterranean\” are which looks like a huge clod earth at the bottom of the town, and it seems there are some building built into it. Apparently you would step out of a doorway and be able to leap right out into the sky below.

2) [Bottom-Right Picture] To have the town set up as individually-floating areas connected by narrow bridges. The areas are also on different altitudes. One house, in particular, I found quite interesting as it is below one of the islands suspended in mid-air by cables that must be pretty strong.

3) [Bottom-Left Picture] And finally, the third version is similar to what we have now, with the entire island being one mass, clustered with all the buildings and houses.

I, personally, would have rather one of the two other layouts because they give a more intriguing and adventurous feel to the main town in the game. But, I guess Nintendo felt the simplest version that has the least amount of tedious running around and climbing would be the way we have Skyloft now.

The next bit of concept art shows off Skyloft in various art sketches and paintings. Now, you know why Miyamoto said from the beginning that the game looks like a painting by Claude Monet. The artists obviously had fun trying their own hand at making a Zelda-Impressionist painting. It would be nice to see some fans try and duplicate the Impressionist style with some paintings that include Link and other characters. Any offers?



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