Slowpoke promo video released to promote Kagawa Prefecture


A new Slowpoke promo video has been released as part of a marketing campaign to draw in more tourism for Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. We don’t have an official translation to explain everything that goes on in this video, but from the looks of it, three girls are out exploring everything the prefecture has to offer.

Kagawa adopted Slowpoke as an ambassador in 2018 and even has manhole covers dotted around it that depict the Pokémon in various poses and locations. (We’ve reported on Pokémon manholes before.) This partnership isn’t completely random though. Slowpoke’s name in Japanese is “Yadon,” which sounds similar to “Udon,” a noodle dish associated with the Kagawa Prefecture. Slowpoke can also summon rain, which is valuable as Kagawa has fairly low rainfall.

As if that weren’t enough, Kagawa also has a sugar research institute, which leads various studies into rare sugars for all kinds of purposes, from medical to agricultural and of course for food. Slowpoke can relate because of the sweet sap found on its tail.

It might all seem crazy, but as you can see, there’s a lot more behind this partnership than you might first think. I bet you really want to visit Kagawa Prefecture after this Slowpoke promo video.


Jamie Sharp
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