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Welcome Charizard, individually, and Greninja to the Smash roster!

And the Nintendo Direct is now over! Check below for a full, simple list of all the new announcements:


Release Window:
-Super Smash Bros. for 3Ds releasing Summer 2014.
-Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releasing Winter 2014.

General Info:
-3Ds runs at 60 FPS and in stereostopic 3D.
-Some Assist Tropies run at 30 FPS. But all fighters run at 60 FPS.
-Stages will mostly differ between the two versions, but stages that are shared will have different designs.
-Two musical pieces per 3DS stage.
-Wii U version will have many more per stage.
-More in the future coming on connectivity between versions.

3DS Stages:
-Reset Bomb Forest
-3D Land
-Spirit Train
-Gerudo Valley
-Arena Ferox
-Tortimer Island
-Living Room
-Prism Tower
-Rainbow Road
-Find Mii
-Balloon Fight
-Jungles Japes

Wii U Stages:
-Mario Galaxy
-Boxing Ring
-Pilot Wings
-Windy Hill
-Garden of Hope
-Wii Fit Studio
-Palutena’s Temple
-Jungle Japes
-Dr Wily’s Castle
-Yellow Devil is indeed a stage hazard and not a boss. Can only be hurt by attacking its eye. It explodes when defeated.

-Final Destination appears , and every stage gets a Final Destination version with no platforms or gimmicks.

-Can play anyone online.
-You can play online on 3DS, as well, but requires fast access point otherwise quality will be undesirable.
-Sakurai recommends Wii LAN adapter for the Wii U version.
-When you aren\’t playing with friends, you can enter \”For Fun\” or \”For Glory\” mode.
-For Fun  Mode features: random stages no Final Destination, all items, free-for-alls only, only wins recorded.
-For Glory Mode features: Final Destination, no items, option for one-on-one battles, both wins and losses recorded.
-Matches against friends can use any custom ruleset.
-Online play follows Nintendo Network IDs.
-Measures being taken to combat players who start, but don\’t play; relentless target an individual; repeatedly self-destruct; frequently drop; spam, or cheat.
-Scoring competitions online: Global Smash Power. New ranking system. Takes solo/local stats into account.
-Bigger the stat is, stronger the player. Use to rank against players.
-No rankings for multiplayer. Some matchmaking based on skill.

-Beam Sword
-Smart Bomb
-Motion Sensor Bomb
-POW Block
-Blue Shell
-Fire Bar
-Back Shield
-Fairy Bottle
-Ore Club
-X Bomb
-Hocotate Bomb
-Rocket Belt
-Steel Diver

Assist Trophies:
-Knuckle Joe
-Saki Amamiya
-Dr. Wright
-Skull Kid
-Mother Brain
-Dark Samus
-Chain Chomp
-Elec Man
-Color TV-Game 15
-Samurai Goroh


Returning Fighters:
-Samus users Zero Laser. No longer changes to Zero Suit Samus.
-Characters that used to change forms mid-battle no longer change.
-Zero Suit Samus returns with updated Other M design and new moves.
-Zelda’s down-B special now summons the Phantom Knight. Can attack and be reflected.
-Sheik returns as her own character, too. Also polished up, new smash attacks. Grenades replaced needles. Same aesthetic design.
-Kirby’s Hammer Flip, new move. New final Smash  – Ultra Sword.
-King Dedede. More gordos!
-Lucario returns, of course. Overpowered up-B can kill you.
-Mega Evolution Lucario. Aura always does maximum damage.
-Pikmin and Olimar. Only 3 Pikmin.
-Olimar plucks Pikmin in fixed order.
-Olimar now has Winged Pikmin to recover.
-Pit has no more gliding mechanic.
-New Final Smash, replaces Palutena.
-Yoshi returns.
-Yoshi stands even more upright.

-Rosalina and Luma can choose to keep Luma away or stay nearby with \”Luma Shot.\”
-Luma can wander and attack seperately. Attacks are controlled as it wanders.
-Rosalina and Luma have separate moves and can attack separetely.
-Side B is Star Bits. Projectile.
-Down B is Gravitational Pull.
-Final Smash is the Power Star – big star shoots off smaller stars.
-Little Mac, has a lot of attack power.
-Smash attacks have a lot of power and knockback.
-Super weak in the air.
-More vulnerable and less attack power. Terrible recovery.
-Connecting with attacks and getting hit fills the Power Meter.
-K.O. Uppercut is an insta-KO.
-Side b is Jolt Haymaker.
-Up B is Rising Uppercut.
-Down B is Slip Counter.
-Final Smash – Giga Mac.
-Wireframe Mac available as costume from arcade Punch Out.
-Villager. Neutral special is Pocket.
-Lloid Rocket is side B.
-Ballon Trip is up B.
-Timber is down b.
-Final Smash – Tom Nook helps out for \”Dream Home\”
-Megaman’s attacks all use different abilities, even A moves. Each one is from a different game.
-Final Smash calls on other Megamen to attack with him.
-Wii Fit Trainer has Deep Breathing for her Down-B special. Buffs her stats.
-Sun Salutation has a projectile that can be saved for later use, especially for combos.
-Only character with these abilities.
-Male Wii Fit Trainer also available. Heights and weights are exactly the same.

-Custom move sets. Only available playing online with friends and locally.
-Seem to either completely change attacks or give them different properties.
-Mario can change to a slower, bigger fireball.
-More coming in the future.

Smash Run:
-New game mode only for 3DS version.
-Somewhat looks like Subspace and has some Subspace elements.
-Battle mode for up to four players. Search a dungeon for power-ups. Begin on huge battlefield and move on.
-Time limit set to 5 minutes. Otain power-ups to enhance fighters.
-Game calculates new stats based on power-ups, then fighters duke it out in a free-for-all to determine the winner.
-Different events can be activated during the pre-free-for-all time. Items can be equipped beforehand.
-Enemies drawn from different games. Different enemies appear randomly each time you play.

New Fighters:
-Charizard returns as an individual fighter. No confirmation if Squirtle, Ivysaur, or the Pokemon Trainer return.
-Charizard can become Mega Charizard X. No confirmation if Mega Charizard Y is also an option.
-Greninja is announced, representing Pokemon.

Roster So Far:
-Donkey Kong
-Zero Suit Samus
-Pikmin & Olimar
-Diddy Kong
-King Dedede
-Toon Link
-Wiit Fit Trainers
-Rosalina & Luma
-Little Mac


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