UPDATE 6:03 PM EST 8/20/2014

We have replaced the Japanese scans with full English translations found in the following images.

Original Post: With the latest issue of Famitsu out in Japan, scans of the magazine’s pages have been appearing left and right all across the Internet. While news for Pokemon has been abundant, the Smash information has trickled down very gradually. Very little of the initial batch of scans provided new information, but now some newer scans have arrived that house previously unknown information, particularly regarding custom moves.

Every character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U will have four standard special moves activated by the B button and control stick (or just the B button in the case of neutral specials), while also having two additional \”custom moves\” per B move, hitting a total of 12 special moves per character.

A few recent scans have been found detailing custom moves for returning Brawl veteran Meta Knight and third-party guest Pac-Man, making his Smash debut this Fall. Check out the scans below. We\’ll be updating this post below the following images with translations of the Japanese text into English.


Image Source – kantopia.wordpress.com


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