Is your Best Buy in Canada hosting an event?

Smash Fest is a little slice of E3 for people who cannot attend the event. Best Buy and Nintendo teamed up to create Smash Fest which will allow people to visit their local Best Buy and try out the brand new Super Smash Brothers game for Wii U before it’s Winter release. While the American locations have been available, our northern brothers and sisters in Canada were left out in the cold. Well, not anymore.

Best Buy Community Manager \”BBYLaura\” posted the listings for Best Buy locations in Canada that will be participating in the event. For a full list of the locations, be sure to click here to see the posting in detail. Are you lucky enough to have a Best Buy location that is participating in Smash Fest, whether you are in the US or Canada? Let us know your location in the comments below!

Shawn Long
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