Today marks the highly anticipated release of Hero from Dragon Quest as the latest fighter to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With the new challenger comes a beefy new Version 4.0 for Ultimate, featuring a couple of returning online modes from prior Smash Bros. titles.

As Version 4.0 rolls out, director Masahiro Sakurai spoke of some new adjustments for the base game. For starters, the Final Smash Meter will now bear a time limit; it will last for only a short while as the meter depletes, so no camping Final Smashes this time around! Additionally, Adventure Mode: World of Light will now feature a “Very Easy” difficulty mode for those who are having trouble with certain battles or would rather breeze right through the campaign. You can also now include screenshots in videos you’re editing, and play videos back to back online.

Get ready to rumble in tourneys

version 4.0 tourney mode

Adjustments to the experience aside, Sakurai announced two returning features for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s online mode. Spectate Mode will allow you to predict winners in online battles and win points that you can exchange for items, such as Spirits, Spirit Points, gold, snacks, and so on. You also don’t lose anything if your prediction turns out wrong.

An online tourney mode will become available with Version 4.0. Rules will change periodically, and the game will also host Special Event Tourneys every once in a while. Just going by what was shown in the video though, the online tourney mode looks huge.

While I was holding out for Homerun Contest or Break the Targets to return, I’m stoked to see these online modes come back, Spectator Mode especially! Are you looking forward to throwing down against a ton of other players in online tourneys? Is the new timer on the Final Smash Meter making you reconsider your strategies in battle? Share your thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 4.0 in the comments below!


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