Crono from Chrono Trigger in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, via Smashified

The Smashified series is back with a bang. This time, they took on the challenge of making Crono from Chrono Trigger look ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Crono is a beloved character from a classic JRPG, so fans of Smash have been hoping he would join the cast as downloadable content for quite some time. There are still at least a few days before the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal, so the Smashified team released this video just in time to get the Crono hype train racing at full speed.

The Crono model took Andrew Coleman three years of on-and-off work. The video details a lot of the roadblocks he ran into during the process. Turning Akira Toriyama’s artwork into a 3D model that would look good next to Nintendo’s all-stars wasn’t an easy task. Coleman had particular trouble with the hair. Since Crono originates from a game with 2D sprites, Coleman had to depend on Chrono Trigger concept art that didn’t always give a complete view of the character. Coleman took inspiration from Dragon Quest XI to see how Toriyama’s artwork looked on modern consoles. In the end, though, Coleman’s efforts paid off and his Crono turned into a masterpiece ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


What is Smashified?

Smashified started off back during the Wii U era when “Artsy Omni” Jacala created very convincing fake leaks of Rayman and Klonoa. He then made a video about how he created the leak step by step. Since then, the team has made Smash-ready 3D models of characters like Bomberman, Mother 3’s Kumatora, and Crash Bandicoot. They even made models of Ridley, Inkling, and King K. Rool, who all got added to Smash in Ultimate. The Smashified team isn’t affiliated with Nintendo, although a few independent companies commissioned the team to create Smashified models of their characters.

Smashified went through a rebranding earlier this year and is now a subseries under the Curiomatic umbrella. Curiomatic has several different projects based around video game rendering and artwork. Their library is a wonderful asset for any fledgling 3D artist. Each video of theirs is a great way to “look behind the curtain” and see how video games are made.

Anyway, be sure to let us know if you would love to see Crono and Chrono Trigger collide with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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