Snake Pass has update 1.2 available. Here’s what it does.

Switch exclusive update

•    TIME TRIAL AND LEADERBOARDS: Trial mode is now available for Nintendo Switch players. Battle it out against friends to see who can make it to the top of the leaderboards with the quickest time•    TAIL GRAB: fixed a bug where Tail Grab was unreliable

Global update

•    TIME TRIAL: fixed a TT exploit where players could get a time of zero
•    TIME TRIAL: fixed an issue in Time Trial where some players could not complete the level
•    TIME TRIAL: fixed an issue in Time Trial that prevented the timer from not displaying correctly
•    LEVEL 11: fixed an issue where the ball would activate incorrectly for some players
•    QUETZALCOATL ACHIEVEMENT: fixed an issue with Quetzalcoatl not triggering correctly for some players. If players have previously reached the requirements, playing a level without dying again should trigger the achievement.
•    FLOOR IS MOLTEN ROCK ACHIEVEMENT: The Floor Is Molten Rock achievement now triggers correctly
•    CAMERA: fixed an issue where the camera did not move as fast as intended
•    LEVEL 9: fixed an issue where the camera would not move for some players making the level unplayable
•    TAIL GRAB: fixed an issue where Noodle would move faster than intended while Doodle was holding his tail
•    GAME ICONS: all platforms have updated game icons

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