90’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog is everywhere these days. Games, cartoons, upcoming horror films, you name it! By now, you would think the gaming public would know everything about such a popular character. However, there may be something you don’t know about the fastest thing alive. Like a certain sneezing sixth sense ability, perhaps?

Sneezing just gives me a headache

YouTube personality Badnik Mechanic recently put out a video detailing the lost Sonic skill no one remembers:

It’s like having a Spidey sense, except way dumber and more jarring.

As Badnik Mechanic explains, any inkling of this sneeze power is relegated to early promotional material and Sonic CD. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

I believe hedgehogs can get seasonal allergies?

First, here’s a manga panel with a caption that says “Sonic will sneeze when a crisis approaches:”


That looks less like a sneeze and more like alerting the enemy to your presence

Next, a promo with the accompanying line “Danger approaches and Sonic started sneezing:”


The Badnik is pissed that Sonic didn’t cover his mouth

Lastly, the intro to Sonic CD has a very short animation of the hedgehog spraying liquid around the 0:47 mark:

There are more examples in Badnik Mechanic’s video, so definitely watch it in full.

What can we gather from all of this information? Personally, I believe SEGA left this technique to the annals of history because it’s stupid. Sneezing momentarily incapacitates an individual. For someone like Sonic, who is all about speed and spinning into robots, this kind of intuition would leave him vulnerable. It’s best to laugh about it now and move on.

Enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on this incredible power? Do you think it will be part of an important side story during the motion picture? Give us your opinions down below.

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