SNES Sonic the Hedgehog

The last we heard of Sonic, the Blue Blur was promoting movie safety in China. Game-wise, it’s been a quiet year for the hedgehog. Fed up with waiting for what might be, a coder named TiagoSC instead pondered the question of what could have been. They created a tech demo of a hypothetical SNES Sonic the Hedgehog featuring Act 3 of Green Hill Zone.

There would be no console wars if there was a SNES Sonic the Hedgehog

The folks over at Digital Foundry took a careful look at the level in one of their videos:

Long story short, this is a brighter, bluer version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. It also runs pretty fast and the music is quite good. However, the SNES has some disadvantages compared to the Genesis that are on display here. It can’t show as many sprites onscreen, plus it slows down when things are hectic. Blast Processing is absolutely real on the Mega Drive.

Enthusiasts, what do you make of this SNES Sonic the Hedgehog? Would you like to see more of the game in the style of the Super Nintendo? Which console is better: the SNES or Genesis? Let us know the answers to these queries in the comment field below!

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