Soccer Slammers is an arcade soccer game arriving just in time to cash in on World Cup hype. With a focus on quick and high scoring two-on-two matches, Soccer Slammers is not about defensive strategies, offensive formations, or immaculate goalkeeping. Instead, the game boils down to securing the ball, getting into open space, and letting loose with a rocket-powered kick – no matter where you are on the field. Making goals is simple enough scores can easily reach double-digits within just a two-minute match. Quite obviously, Soccer Slammers is not a traditional football game. Rather, it is a simplistic but action-packed local multiplayer package that, despite the occasional drawback, should quickly satiate any World Cup-inspired soccer itch.

Fully capitalizing on the ongoing World Cup, Soccer Slammers has thirty-two national teams to select from. Real-world skill determines each team’s ranking. Furthermore, the primary single-player mode is a simulated World Cup tournament. This, however, grows tiresome within minutes. Soccer Slammers’s true value lies in its hectic multiplayer gameplay.

Gameplay is fast and fun but is not without its faults. Most notably, the AI is so weak that passing to a CPU partner is generally inadvisable. You will have to account for this when playing with fewer than four players. Aside from that, your character’s default speed is fairly slow. Quick dashes and temporary sprints raise the pace but use them too much and your character will tire out and slow to a near crawl. This often leads to you helplessly watching the other team set up and score. While annoying, this occurrence is luckily not a large deterrent due to frequent scoring opportunities.

Soccer Slammers is also a victim of its own occasionally clunky gameplay. For example, a well-timed dash can trip your character. This takes you out of the action for a few seconds. The slow-down is substantial. It feels totally counterintuitive to the otherwise fast gameplay. However, Soccer Slammers is still quite fun. Chasing the ball around and launching one shot after another is fantastic. Matches are quick but still action-packed, making it quite easy to lose track of time and play several in a row.

If you are familiar with Super Monkey Ball 2’s Monkey Soccer minigame, Soccer Slammers is essentially a clumsier, less-fun version of that. The game is extremely simplistic. Lying underneath the heavily-accessible gameplay is brain-dead AI and a total lack of overarching strategy. However, Monkey Soccer is a pretty high bar to hold a budget multiplayer game against. At the end of the day, Soccer Slammers is mostly a rip-roaring good time.

This is not something you will play for hours at a time. As a cheap, content-light package, it is most enjoyable in small doses. Still, Soccer Slammers definitely has a spot in any local multiplayer-oriented catalog. If you and your friends are looking for something immensely frantic and easy to pick up and play, then Soccer Slammers is a worthy addition to your library.





  • Fast and fun local multiplayer gameplay


  • Clunkiness can get in the way before you realize what’s happening
  • Light on content and customization
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