One Hand Clapping Switch

Headed to Switch on December 14, One Hand Clapping is a 2D puzzle platformer with an interesting twist: you control the game by singing into a microphone. To play, you’ll need a microphone (duh), a pair of headphones, and a singing voice, but you can satisfy the first two requirements with a standard Switch headset (though it’s unclear just how high-quality your mic has to be in order for the game to properly process your singing).

If you are curious to learn a little more about One Hand Clapping before it comes to Switch, check out the trailer below and then read on for a few key details from the developer.

This exceptionally unique game provides you the freedom to express yourself through its mechanics, helping you build confidence in both your singing voice and the voice within you. Don’t worry about hitting the wrong notes, One Hand Clapping is all about taking risks and learning from your mistakes. Find out just how far your voice can take you!

The world of One Hand Clapping is full of vibrant landscapes and mysterious characters portrayed through a warm, minimalist aesthetic that inspires self-expression without overwhelming the senses.

One Hand Clapping certainly has a unique premise, and we will not have to wait too long before we can see if the Switch version delivers.

Are you interested in trying out the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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