Animal Crossing Zelda-inspired dungeon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the saving grace of many gamers trapped in-doors. Thanks to all of the customization options, lots of players have resculpted their islands into iconic scenes from games and television. Today’s highlighted fan build comes from YouTuber Johnny 2 Cellos who set out to craft a Zelda-inspired dungeon. You can take two video tours (day and night) by clicking below!

Zelda-inspired dungeon in Animal Crossing

Touring Dragonfall Canyon

Johnny has tentatively named this build “Dragonfall Canyon.” It consists of a labyrinth of cliffs that Link must navigate both from below and above. Inclines take Link to the upper layer, where everything is spaced out to allow hopping from platform to platform. Pots and barrels, common Zelda decorations, are scattered throughout to give it that Hyrulean feel. A series of beautiful waterfalls give this Zelda-inspired dungeon its name, and it all ends with a “boss” showdown with Godzilla.


Ben Lamoreux
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