Usually the Wii U isn\’t associated with being a graphic powerhouse, so the fact that when Sonic Boom was announced to be using the Crytek 3 engine, people took notice. What was once considered \”unbelievable\” on the system, the trailer for Sonic Boom looked like it could easily be on the PS4 or Xbox One, but was exclusively for Wii U. Now, new details are emerging that the standard Crytek 3 engine actually couldn\’t handle Sonic Boom.

Sega of America producer Stephen Frost recently said that the Crytek 3 engine was chosen because of \”association\” with the engine and lush, tropical, and \”beachy\” things, which is the goal of the environments of Sonic Boom. Big Red Button CEO (and ex-Naughty Dog member) Bob Rafei went on to say they have a close working relationship with the Crytek team in Germany, and that the actual Crytek 3 engine didn\’t have the ability to run the game in split-screen mode, so the team at Big Red Button had to enhance the engine to be able to the split-screen between the TV and the GamePad that is planned.

Sonic Boom seems to be shaping up to be a very ambitious Wii U title that I\’m sure a lot of fans are looking forward to. Is Sonic Boom on your radar? Let us know the in the comments below!

Shawn Long
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