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Yuji Naka, the co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, is pleased with Paramount Pictures and Sega’s decision to change the character’s design in the upcoming film. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, noting how “powerful” the Sonic community is to have gotten this change.

Just three days after the trailer hit YouTube, director Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to announce the design change. The negative reaction was immediate and overwhelming, as shown by the video’s like to dislike ratio. Fowler likely hopes to reel back in the currently uninterested crowd with an updated, more traditional look for Sonic. 

Yuji Naka blames feels somewhat responsible for the design

Just days before, Naka partially blamed himself for creating the situation. He created Sega Visual Entertainment, which in turn created Marza Animation Planet, the animation studio behind the movie.

“I feel like I have some responsibility for it,” Naka said on Twitter, per Nick Mosier at Source Gaming.

Now, however, Sonic’s co-creator is happy with the film’s new direction. But not everyone thinks the project is heading in a positive one. The original designer of the blue blur, Naoto Ohshima, thinks the trailer is childish. “I was expecting adults to have fun too,” he recently wrote on his Twitter account. 

What do you make of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie so far? Are you okay with the decision to redesign Sonic, or should the studio have stuck with their original plan? Let us know down in the comments section.

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