Sonic energy drink

Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger to the world of merchandising. Whether he’s a plush or in a game no one wants, the blue blur has been everywhere. Now, he’s ready to take the gamer fuel world by storm. G Fuel has announced it is creating a brand new Sonic energy drink with the fastest thing alive’s image plastered all over.

The Sonic energy drink better not leave you urinating gold rings

The company is making beverages “inspired by iconic elements from across the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.” So, what, it’ll have bits of jewelry and fuzzy animal friends mixed in? What would that even taste like?

Here’s what Michael Cisneros, Sega of America’s Manager of Licensing, had to say about this epic crossover between mascot and liquid:

We’re ecstatic to partner with such an established energy drink company in the gaming community to bring Sonic’s Peach Rings to market. Sonic the Hedgehog has always been a character that embodies perseverance and endurance, which are qualities that are central to G FUEL’s product. We can’t wait for Sonic fans to enjoy it!

Peach Rings? Those are pretty tasty as food, so maybe this thirst quencher won’t be so bad after all.

Starting August 12, you, the consumer, can get your hands on the Sonic energy drink. You can either opt for the cans or a collector’s box. The package comes with a shaker and powder serving tub. Perfect for a whole week of all-night Sonic speedruns!

Sonic energy drink

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up the Sonic energy drink when it launches? Let us know how you are planning to support the hedgehog in 2020 with a comment below.


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