Sonic R Can You Feel the Sunshine remix official Sega

Although not necessarily exploding with content, Sonic R was a pretty fun Sega Saturn game by 1997 unconventional racing game standards. I remember playing it in elementary school with my older brothers and my brother’s girlfriend, who at one point remarked something to the effect of, “This music sucks.” Actually, the music was really catchy, but the lyrics were alternatively cheesy or incomprehensible. “Can You Feel the Sunshine” encapsulated all those things at once, so it’s pretty great that Tee Lopes, Marina Lopes, and Crush 40 guitarist / longtime Sega collaborator Jun Senoue have officially remixed the Sonic R song.

They seem to have slowed down the tempo a bit and tried to insert a bit more flavor with the instruments. The original Sonic R version is a generic explosion of sounds that a person might expect to hear in a pop song of the era.

Given a choice between the original and the remix, I of course choose the original, no contest. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and I appreciate how “Can You Feel the Sunshine” is such an extreme product of its time. It’s not an ’80s song; it’s not a 2000s song. It’s very much a weird little ditty from 1997.

Compare the two versions of the Sonic R track and let us know which one you prefer. Then check out the other official Sonic remixes Sega has released recently.


John Friscia
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