Sonic the Hedeghog

Just in time for Sonic the Hedgehog to race into theaters tonight, Build-a-Bear is debuting an adorable plush version of everyone’s favorite hedgehog. The Blue Blur is live now on the company’s North American and European sites.

Thanks to Sonic’s much-needed redesign, this plush is an unassuming stuffed animal rather than a Lovecraftian Halloween decoration. You can grab the base version for $29, although that comes without the fun sound chip and accessories. For $45.50, you can toss in the five-phrase sound chip, or you can pass on the sounds and get some accessories–Sonic’s trademark red sneakers and a gold ring–for $46. If you love Sonic the Hedgehog add-ons and hate making choices, consider the all-in-one $53 bundle that comes with Sonic, his accessories, and the sound chip.

Tonight ends the long wait for Sonic the Hedgehog in all of its redesigned glory. The movie has at least a few fans–those involved seemed to have an awesome time making it. Jim Carrey, who famously almost never does sequels, even wants to consider another go as Dr. Robotnik.

Will you be seeing Sonic the Hedgehog on opening weekend? How do you think the movie will be? Will you be watching it alongside a brand new Build-a-Bear hedgehog? Let us know!


Andrew Rockett
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