Sonic the Hedgehog movie digital release March 31 releasing digitally early

Sonic the Hedgehog, a real ugly duckling story in its trajectory from the abysmal first trailer to its box office boom, just released digitally ten days ago. Between that release and the upcoming Easter holiday, Paramount is trying to sell the movie to millions to locked in fans of the Blue Blur with a timely Easter egg trailer. The video takes just over a minute to highlight five treats for observant fans hidden throughout the movie. They’re mostly pretty obvious, but who knows, you might have missed one.

If you have not seen Sonic the Hedgehog yet, this video is mostly spoiler-free. You might want to cut out before the fifth Easter egg, but even that does not really reveal anything about the film. As I said, if you paid attention to the backgrounds, you probably caught almost all of these, but maybe one slipped by.

Have you seen Sonic the Hedgehog yet? Did you get the chance to watch it in theaters, or have you caught it since its digital release? What do you think of it? How many of these Easter eggs did you catch when you saw it? If you have seen it, did you catch any other fun references to the greater series? Let us know in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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