Sonic the hedgehog movie redesign is actually what its FX designers wanted in the first place

The team behind the Sonic the Hedgehog movie recently debuted a significantly-improved redesign for the movie’s titular character, but many of us still have not forgotten the eldritch horror that was the initial design. In a recent interview with Sonic Team Argentina, Max Schneider, an animator for the movie, discussed the rationale behind the original design, working with Paramount to get the redesign off the ground, and a bit more about the process.

To begin, Schneider noted that the new design for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie took around five months to work into the movie without any crunch on artists and animators. This was largely because most of the movie had already been finished with the older look. Schneider also mentioned that reports of a $5 million budget increase were the most accurate reflection of the redesign’s real cost.

Paramount apparently knew that fans of the franchise would hate the Blue Blur’s design in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, but thought that the general public would be okay with it. The studio wanted a realistic design that would fit into a live-action setting. The immediate reaction to the contrary convinced them otherwise, and after a meeting with Sega of America, the redesign moved forward.

In fashioning Sonic the Hedgehog‘s makeover, animators went from head to toe–literally. They started with Sonic’s head, working with Modern Sonic’s in-game appearance to get the new look just right. Sonic’s retouched shoes came last.

Schneider closed out the interview by discussing how well the movie works, teasing that several easter eggs and fun moments await franchise fans.


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