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In an interview with Sonic the Hedgehog movie writer Josh Miller, some of the guys at Popcorn Talk got a pretty exciting answer when they asked about what Miller would do with the opportunity to work on a sequel. Miller immediately brought up his desire to introduce a few of the Blue Blur’s famous companions, and emphasized a particular affinity for Knuckles and Tails, but especially Knuckles. The video below dives right into the sequel question, so check it out if you’ve got a sec.

In addition to bringing in Knuckles, Miller postulated another fun easter egg he’d like to try out in a sequel: Jaleel White. Aside from a long stint as Steve Urkel in Family Matters, White is famous for voicing Sonic the Hedgehog in a few of his earlier animated TV series. It makes sense that Miller wants to work in a cameo or something to that effect for long-time fans to enjoy.

Have you seen Sonic the Hedgehog? How is it? Is the movie deserving of its successes so far, such as the biggest video game movie opening weekend yet? Would you watch a sequel that introduced Sonic’s beloved teammates? Let us know in the comments!


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