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It’s the news that shocked the world! No, wait, this news was extremely expected: A Sonic the Hedgehog sequel movie is in the works at Paramount Pictures in cooperation with Sega Sammy, according to Variety. They’re getting the gang back together to do it too, with Jeff Fowler as director and Pat Casey and Josh Miller writing the script.

The film is only in the “development stage,” so casting decisions and production time tables are all up in the air. However, Neal H. Moritz, Toby Ascher, and Toru Nakahara are producers for the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel, and Hajime Satomi, Haruki Satomi, and Tim Miller are attached as executive producers. Beyond this, no concrete details have been shared.

The first Sonic movie ended up becoming the highest-grossing video game movie of all time at the box office, beating even Detective Pikachu, and it recently released on Blu-ray following an early digital release. Last month, director Fowler expressed interest in doing a sequel, and even Dr. Robotnik actor Jim Carrey is on record as being interested in returning for a sequel.

So basically, the stars seem to be aligning for the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel movie, and for once, nobody is outraged. Let’s hope this feeling lasts.


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