SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog was adapted to a number of cartoons over the years. In the west, avid fans of the blue blur growing up tuned in to DiC’s various takes on Sonic. However, come the turn of the millennium, 4Kids Entertainment introduced Sonic X on their Saturday morning lineup of cartoons and (heavily localized, American child-friendly) anime. Sonic fans have nonetheless looked back fondly on this anime, so much so that it inspired nearly 300 animators to reanimate a full episode themselves! Helmed by Brilianna, Sonic X Reanimate is a massive collaborate effort that sees episode 5 remade shot-by-shot.

Scrape some knuckles

In “Cracking Knuckles,” Dr. Eggman convinces Knuckles the Echidna that he has—at last—turned a new leaf and wants to make up for his misdeeds. The reformed doctor wishes to gather the Chaos Emeralds so that they can all return to their home planet, and pleads for Knuckles’ assistance in stopping Sonic from selfishly keeping them all trapped on Earth. Naturally, the easily infuriated and gullible Knuckles believes Eggman’s lies and then challenges Sonic to a brawl over the Emeralds.

Longtime fans are familiar with Sonic and Knuckles throwing down ever since the red rival’s debut in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 back in 1994. However, it is an absolute riot and a sheer delight to see this episode constantly change styles between different animators. Whether a shot is played for laughs or done seriously, stuffed with referential humor pulled from the wider Sonic canon or community in-jokes, each Sonic X Reanimate scene was a joy to take in!

What do you think of this massive team effort? Did you spot any animators you might recognize? What references did you catch? Which reanimated bit had you laughing out loud or blown away? Let us know what you think of Sonic X Reanimate in the comments. If you’re looking for more reanimated anime, I would highly recommend last year’s Kirby Reanimated Collab, based on one of the more infamous episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

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