The Midnight Sanctuary

That’s right! For those of you who missed it previously, Sony’s Unties label will be releasing games on non-Sony systems. The Midnight Sanctuary, a 3D visual novel by developer CAVYHOUSE, follows Tiny Metal in being published by the Sony-owned publisher. It is set for a release on the Switch as well as PS4 and Steam on October 4 for $9.99 / €9.99 / 1,200 yen. Support for PSVR and SteamVR will be added further down the line.

The Midnight Sanctuary looks like an interesting title because of its dark story that dips into topics of the occult; the team behind the game has made much of how the game blurs what is reality and what is not. It may be one to keep your eye out for if you fancy a scare on Switch.

Will you be picking up The Midnight Sanctuary when it comes to Switch on October 4? Let us know down below.


Callum McAvan
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