Sora Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kingdom Hearts Masahiro Sakurai revealed confirmed challenger pack 11

At the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation from series director Masahiro Sakurai today, he revealed in an incredibly epic final trailer that Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the final DLC character, Challenger Pack 11, of Fighters Pass 2 for the game, launching on October 18, 2021, alongside his stage Hollow Bastion. (By the way, the Kingdom Hearts series is coming to Nintendo Switch too.)

“I knew that Sora was the most requested fighter,” said Sakurai, because in a poll years ago, when the beloved Satoru Iwata was still alive, Sora came out on top. “Having Sora join was a huge undertaking,” said Sakurai, and adding him “required more coordination” than with any of the other fighters, likely because of the Disney connection.

The default appearance of Sora in Super Smash Bros Ultimate is based on his appearance in Kingdom Hearts 1, but you can also play as him in his direct sequel designs, as well as in his Dream Drop Distance attire. Sora’s attacks are a bit slower, but they are deliberate to do some good damage and resemble his moves from his video games. His neutral special is magic, cycling through Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga, changing each time one is used. Sealing the Keyhole is the name of Sora’s Final Smash.

The Hollow Bastion level contains several nods to the franchise, including Rising Falls and showing Hollow Bastion in the middle of being rebuilt as Radiant Garden in the background. There is also a traditional “stained-glass” battle area with references to myriad Kingdom Hearts series protagonists.

There are nine music tracks / songs from Kingdom Hearts coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate with the inclusion of Sora, but if you have save data for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, you will unlock “Dearly Beloved -Swing Version-” as an extra bonus. Plus, there is one new arranged song among the nine musical tracks, an arrangement of “Hand in Hand” by Yoko Shimomura herself.

Sora Kingdom Hearts music hand in hand Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bonus extra bonus

A lot of dreams have come true with the Masahiro Sakurai presentation revealing Sora from Kingdom Hearts for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This reveal is both expected and extremely unexpected, but because we are such extraordinary geniuses, we predicted this yesterday, sort of.

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