Space Crew, sequel to Bomber Crew, targets September Switch release

Space Crew Runner Dick Digital Curve Nintendo Switch trailer

Space Crew, the sci-fi sequel to Bomber Crew, is coming to Nintendo Switch in September 2020. The game is being developed by the same studio that brought us Bomber Crew, Runner Duck, and is being published by Curve Digital. It will bring all of the same type of action that players are used to from the last game, but translated into a new outer space setting and with some new features added in.

Runner Duck’s Space Crew is all about defending Earth and humanity from any and all alien threats. Players will make their way through procedurally generated missions that could require them to explore, rescue fellow humans, defend against invaders, or head out to destroy a known threat.

Players will need to pick and manage their crew from those available in the game’s main hub, a colossal space station, and crew can still be leveled up to be better at certain roles. I could see this being the sort of game with a steep learning curve to get over before you really start to enjoy it, but I expect it will be even more enjoyable than Bomber Crew once you’ve spent some time with it.

In addition to coming to Switch, Space Crew will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for $19.99.


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