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Yesterday was Donkey Kong Country‘s 25th anniversary, but the party never stops. Former Rare staff who worked on the DKC series, now employed at Playtonic, are feeling nostalgic. Never ones to forget their roots, workers have been posting pictures on social media celebrating the memorable simians. In fact, one individual decided to draw special artwork for the occasion.

Colorful, special artwork to make you cry, corny photos to make you wanna die

Here’s Steve Mayles, who worked on the first Donkey Kong Country, sharing his art piece via Twitter:

You still got it, Steve. Above all, I hope Nintendo lets you work on a new DKC someday.

Steve also posted some pics of himself wearing some vintage Rare swag next to Playtonic’s own heroes, Yooka and Laylee:

It looks like Steve stole Donkey Kong’s bananas. After all these years, King K. Rool’s innocence has been proven.

Sensing a retro gauntlet being thrown down, another Playtonic dev, Chris Sutherland, uploaded a vintage photo of him playtesting DKC:

Simpler times!

Chiming in from Microsoft

Gregg Mayles, another father of DKC who still works at Rare, unearthed some sweet swag for the bday bash:

No special artwork, Gregg? It’s alright, but as punishment, you must surrender those wafers. Therefore, send any extra my way before they crumble into dust.

Enthusiasts, how have you been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country? Do any of you have special artwork of your own? Share your thoughts on the series with a comment below.

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