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Christmas Eve is here! Nintendo is sharing in the festive cheer. The company uploaded a Splatoon-themed photo to Instagram, celebrating the holidays. However, fans quickly took a certain someone’s absence to mean a Splatoon 3 was on the way. Splatoon 3 was trending all morning, until, sadly, its existence was squashed.

The Splatoon 3 trend shows it’s easy to read too much into things

Here is the picture that got everyone in a tizzy:

Nothing too out of the ordinary. Except, Marina isn’t in the shot with the other ladies! Therefore, could she be off on an adventure? Cue rampant speculation among the Splatoon community.

Gamers everywhere were hoping against hope for some news on a potential Splatoon 3. Hours later, Nintendo’s Twitter answered the question of the whereabouts of Marina:

Oh! She was taking the photograph! Haha, gamers are a gullible bunch!

Enthusiasts, did you get caught up in the Splatoon 3 hype this morning? Also, are you hoping a sequel comes out in 2020? It will be three years after Splatoon 2 graced the Nintendo Switch.

Or were you like me? Sleeping for many hours and having the whole fiasco begin and end before even opening your eyes? Let us know the answers to these inquiries below.

Happy holidays!

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