The daily Tweets continue to flow from Splatoon’s official Japanese Twitter account. This time the screenshot takes a look at the most common kind of soldier in the game’s Octarian army corp. Known as \”Octotroopers\”, they guard locations on foot, or patrol areas in personal hovercrafts. Squads of Octotroppers may be found in a series of different formations.

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— Splatoon????????? (@SplatoonJP) March 11, 2015

These guys are called \”Octotroopers\”. Looks like they\’re the most common soldiers of the Octarian army corp. They patrol in their hovercrafts, guard locations while on foot etc, and seem to get deployed in a variety of formations.

It was recently revealed through a South African retailer that Nintendo may also be readying some Splatoon-themed amiibo figures. Amiibo support has yet to be announced by Nintendo, and still it would be a surprise to see as this woul be the first time a brand new Nintendo IP has recieved amiibo entrys from the start. Nintendo’s only other new IP releasing in a similar window is Codename S.T.EA.M which does feature amiibo support, but to date this only includes unlockables with the already announced Fire Emblem figures.


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