The official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has revealed yet another new weapon, this time, The Hot Blaster.This gun fires a special ink shell at a fixed distance before it detonates, and also allows you to hit opponents who may be camping. Nintendo have also released first footage of the weapon in action which can be seen in full below.

This weapon is the Hot Blaster. Seems like a fireworks launcher – it fires a special ink shell a fixed distance before it detonates. Because it’s an area-of-effect attack, you can hit opponents hiding in cover. The way you approach enemies is gonna be an important part of mastering this weapon. We’ve obtained this clip of a Hot Blaster in action.

Looking at this, we might be able to understand the way its projectiles work. If an enemy gets hit directly, seems they’ll be blasted in one shot. Most definitely something we’d like to get our hands on…


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