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If we wrote a headline that just read, “All the video games are getting TV adaptations, and most of them are coming to Netflix,” it would probably be close to accurate. This time, Variety reports Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell is getting an adult animated series on Netflix from Derek Kolstad, the creator of John Wick, who will be a writer and executive producer on this new series. Even though Ubisoft wouldn’t announce a new Splinter Cell video game even to save the lives of Somali orphans, this Netflix series has already received a two-season, 16-episode commitment according to Variety. Netflix, Ubisoft, and Kolstad have not formally commented on the series though.

Notably, Derek Kolstad is already creating a My Friend Pedro television series, so he’s evidently becoming a busy beaver in the world of video game adaptations. He certainly has an understanding of how to create tense and exciting action in John Wick, at the least, which works in his favor.

The Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series began in 2002 but hasn’t seen a relevant new video game since 2013. Protagonist Sam Fisher has had to settle for showing up in things like mobile games, which is kind of a slap in the face for longtime fans. Additionally, a film has been stuck in development hell for years now too. Here’s to hoping this Splinter Cell animated series on Netflix is the start of big new things for the stealth franchise.


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