That is correct folks–Nintendo is not on Ubisoft’s \”blacklist\” and getting stabbed in the back.  Splinter Cell: Blacklist is indeed coming to the Wii U this August 20th in the U.S. and August 23rd in the UK.


Also coming in April, from Ubisoft, is the Rayman: Legends demo with online challenge modes and four newly added levels.

According to IGN Sam Fisher’s newest tactical outing will allow the player to use the GamePad to take out the bad guys, use cool gadgets, switch and scroll through weapon choices, and to move freely about in the field.  Another great added plus will be motion ability input which will play a secondary role in helping the player with the touch screen functions.

IGN reported that rumors were swirling around from Gamestop since October that this was going to make its appearance known on the Wii U and today those rumors have been put to rest.

Check out more screens here!

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[Source: IGN]


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