The indie scene on the Wii U has become a haven of high quality content and interesting concepts that have allowed smaller studios to make a name for themselves. With diverse line-up from simplistic low-price point games to full on adventures, the Wii U eShop has kept gamers satisfied with a great stream of content week to week. A relatively unknown company named TOO DX is entering the Wii U scene, and their debut game, Sportsball, is looking to shake up the Wii U indie scene.

Sportsball finds it’s roots in Joust, which was a arcade and Atari 2600 hit back in the early 80’s. Whereas Joust was limited to battling a wave of opponents, Sportsball opens up that mechanic by adding a \”sport\” element to it. In order to succeed at Sportsball, you have to learn to master various birds and score goals into the goal, all while \”jousting\” with your opponents and trying to stop them. It’s an interesting take on the classic game, and it looks like it will end up being a lot of fun.

The game features each team having 4 birds, each with a unique play style that totals up to 16 different exotic creatures. Think of how Mario Kart characters have differences, and you will understand the differences of the characters in Sportsball. Sportsball is aiming to be the king of local-multiplayer, by allowing up to 4 players to battle at once. Even more interesting is the \”announcer\” mode for a 5th player. By using the Wii U GamePad, the \”announcer\” will be able to voice over the action using the Wii U microphone, which will actually play on your sound system or TV speakers.

If this all sounds very different, that’s because it is. The game looks to be a lot of fun though, and although there is no concrete release date, the team at TOO DX is pushing hard to get this game on the Wii U soon. Be sure to check out the trailer below of this interesting and promising Wii U indie title.

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