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If you’re a lover of classic Squaresoft who lives in Europe, then prepare to stand on your tippy toes and jump up and down. (I assume that’s how Europeans express jubilation.) Square Enix has trademarked Final Fantasy Adventure, Mystic Quest, and Secret of Mana for the region. And it’s actually pretty interesting that these three specific titles were chosen, because two of them are in reference to the same game —  the original Seiken Densetsu.

Seiken Densetsu was renamed Final Fantasy Adventure when it released for Game Boy in North America. But Europe received this game under the name of Mystic Quest. The SNES later received the sequel Seiken Densetsu 2, which became known in both North America and Europe as Secret of Mana.

Right now, the Japanese Switch has Seiken Densetsu Collection, which contains the first three titles in the series. (The third game in the series — also for SNES — never received international release.) Could these trademark filings be related to Europe receiving some roundabout version of this collection? For the fans’ sake, I sure hope so, but it could also be something much more mundane. We’ll just have to keep an optimistic eye out in the meantime.


John Friscia
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