Square Enix reveals Masterline Final Fantasy VI statue featuring Terra FFVI FF6

Square Enix has revealed a new Masterline statue featuring Terra Branford on the Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy VI (FFVI / FF6). The statue is based on the iconic cover and logo art from the classic RPG.

The Final Fantasy VI Terra statue comes from Square Enix’s Masterline brand, known for being the company’s top line in terms of quality and pricing. This will be the second product from the brand and maker Prime 1 Studio following the NieR: Automata 1/4 scale statue that features 2B, 9S, and A2. The NieR statue goes for a whopping $2,850 and is scheduled to release in April 2022.

The FF6 Terra statue will be 1/6 scale, but we don’t have the exact dimensions for it. We also don’t have a release date, but the statue says “coming soon,” so expect more details in the future. We still don’t know the pricing either, but expect it to be around the $3,000 range.

You can check out the Square Enix Masterline Final Fantasy VI 1/6 Scale statue trailer below for a closer look:

If you’re looking into playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time, or just the first time in a while, I’d suggest waiting for the next Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster game, which is expected to be none other than FF6 with the FF5 Pixel Remaster coming next month. However, if you can get your hands on the Game Boy Advance port of Final Fantasy VI, it’s considered the next best version after the original Super Nintendo release.


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