One thing is a fact: companies are loving the Nintendo Switch. A large variety of different companies have recently came out stating their love for the platform, and it seems like Square-Enix is planning some important things for the Nintendo Switch. In a recent interview with Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda, he stated the following about the Switch:

“The Switch is a very attractive and important platform for us. As a games company, having that breadth in our portfolio is very important, with the Switch being such a unique piece of hardware. When we started work on Project Setsuna, the Switch wasn’t even out yet, there was no information about it. We really set out to make this style of game and to make it on [a] home console. But we didn’t really have any particular ideas about which console we were going to go for in the planning stage.”

It will be interesting to see what upcoming games and announcements we will see from Square-Enix in relation to the Nintendo Switch.

Shawn Long
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