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Final Fantasy is one of the video game series that defined my childhood. And while Final Fantasy VI will always be my favorite, Final Fantasy VII triggered an undeniable seismic shift in how RPGs were viewed by American gamers. Today, Square Enix has awesomely dropped a video over 20 minutes long about “secrets and anecdotes” behind the development of Final Fantasy VII. The video includes commentary from Writer/Director Yoshinori Kitase, Publicity Producer Shinji Hashimoto, and Art Director Yusuke Naora.

In truth, the video doesn’t share much that hardcore fans don’t already know, but it’s still a fun watch. Among the most interesting insights, the Shinra Building was inspired by what’s called the “Warship Building” near current Square Enix offices. Kitase also thinks of Sephiroth as perhaps his favorite character in retrospect. It’s because they succeeded at making him a monstrous and frightening presence in the first part of the game — even though Sephiroth was never actually seen during that part.

Have you bought this game for Switch yet? I have! And I ran into a glitch early on that deleted half my Materia, which wasn’t terrific. Fortunately, I was able to reset and get it back. Anyway, check out the full video below, and remember to turn on English captions!

If you’re still hankering for more behind-the-scenes info about this legendary series, check out my lengthy article about the development of Final Fantasy IV.


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