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While the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the course of 2020 in several huge ways, not the least of which being the massive push for employees to work from home whenever possible, it looks like some of these changes will be around long-term. Square Enix has revealed plans to offer employees a permanent work-from-home program beginning next month. The program’s availability and expectations for appropriate divisions between office and home work-days will vary from position to position, but Square Enix has already stated that, based on internal surveys, it expects 80% of its employees to be home-based (working at least three days a week from home).

The video game industry has taken the work-from-home challenge firsthand, with several studios working hard to ensure a seamless transition from collaborative in-person work to a cohesive virtual environment. Several developers and publishers have no-doubt struggled outside of the office. Even Square Enix saw its own president admit that time basically stood still for game production for a while thanks to COVID. However, it seems that many publishers are getting the hang of efficiently coordinating massive home-based teams.

As societies all over the world slowly return to normal when COVID-19 is finally brought under control – whenever that might be – it will be extremely interesting to see how many companies go the route of Square Enix in making certain COVID-induced measures a permanent affair.


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