Star Fox 64 3D

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is enjoying record-breaking sales numbers for the series, capitalizing on a dry release period on Switch and a whole lot of hype. After such a long wait for a main series entry to return to consoles, the game is pretty easily the most hyped up entry in series history. How does its pre-release hype rank against all Nintendo games, though? Where does it fall for you? What’s the most hyped you have ever been for a Nintendo game? Why were you so excited for it? Did it look particularly great? Was it a sequel to an all-time favorite? Did it simply arrive at a particularly giddy time in your childhood?

For me, peak hype came with Star Fox 64 3D, closely followed by Super Mario OdysseyStar Fox 64 3D was a dream come true for young Andrew. After playing Super Mario 64 DS in the late 2000s, I wondered about what other N64 games might translate well to a portable, and kept circling back to Star Fox 64. The short length and high replayability (along with the fact that the game is just a masterpiece) made the title perfect for a portable release. To my surprise, just a couple of years later, Star Fox 64 3D was announced alongside the Nintendo 3DS. I was ecstatic. In retrospect, it all seems a little extreme, but I absolutely had to have that game as soon as possible. I spent months saving up for a 3DS and the game, and as soon as it arrived, I did nothing but play it for weeks on end. It’s still my most-played 3DS title to this day, and I can’t help but go back a few times a year at least. Hype met.

What Nintendo game got you the most excited? Did it deliver on the hype? Is there anything even possibly more exciting that could ever be announced? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Rockett
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