Star Fox Assault

Nintendo has plenty of hits in its history, many of which have enjoyed excellent legacies and a handful of sequels. Others, however, don’t get quite the same treatment. Plenty of past Nintendo games and IPs have gone far too long without a follow-up. Others might receive sequels or other entries in their respective franchise that take the mechanics and design in a completely foreign direction which, while often refreshing, can also leave great ideas with unfulfilled potential. If you could, right now, commission a sequel to any Nintendo game, which would you pick?

I’d love a proper sequel to Star Fox Assault. It’s no secret that the Star Fox franchise has struggled since the wonderful Nintendo 64 title charmed action fans everywhere. Apparently convinced that a simple and tight rail shooter isn’t enough, Nintendo hasn’t been able to decide what direction to take the series, creating a clunky, arena-based DS title, a reboot with an offensive, ruinous amount of Wii U Gamepad integration, and even a Zelda-like. However, I’d argue that the series figured out where to go with Star Fox Assault. The game wasn’t spectacularly popular at the time – the on-foot missions needed a bit more polish, and the fantastic multiplayer took too long for interesting maps and weapons to unlock – but I think that it set the foundation for a series that can maintain short, replayable campaigns with enough room for interesting gameplay through on-foot shooting. A sequel could have done a lot to expand on the foundation set by the first title, but Nintendo hasn’t come close to exploring that, instead opting to drag the IP out once or twice a decade and beat it unconscious with an unnecessary gimmick or two.

What Nintendo game would you like a sequel to? Why is that your pick? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Rockett
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