star fox 64

Nintendo has been making games for a very long time – longer than many of us have been alive. Many Nintendo fans have been lucky enough to try out games from before their time. Think back to your own experiences with Nintendo’s retro catalog, and use Google if you have to, and answer this: what’s your favorite Nintendo game from the year you were born?

Star Fox 64 is a pretty easy winner for me, a 1997 baby. I grew up playing the game and still revisit it pretty regularly today. As one of the first games I ever played, it’s an iconic piece of my childhood, and beyond just being my favorite Nintendo game from 1997, it’s one of my favorite games, period. Between the Nintendo 64 original and the spectacular 3DS remake, I’ve pretty easily logged over 150 hours in the game and must have beaten it well over 100 times. Star Fox 64 is the gold standard for its series, and, if you ask me, for rail shooters. It’s incredibly polished and endlessly replayable. It’s an easy choice for my favorite Nintendo game of 1997, with titles like Diddy Kong Racing and Yoshi’s Story placing a distant second and third.

What’s your favorite Nintendo game from the year you were born? How long did it take you to finally discover it? Sound off in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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