Mario Kart Tour Star Fox

Following the incredible success of Pokémon GO, Nintendo and Niantic are partnering up to make more mobile apps combining Niantic’s penchant for AR with Nintendo’s deep catalogue of classic IPs. First up is an AR Pikmin game that aims to “[make] walking fun.” When the app releases before the end of this year, we’ll be turning our attention to other possible Nintendo games that combine AR and mobile phones. What Nintendo franchise would you like to see Niantic try out next?

I think Star Fox could work pretty darn well. Something that plays a little bit like the old Face Raiders game on 3DS, but suped-up for today’s extra powerful mobile devices. It’d be pretty cool to turn my living room into a futuristic battlefield.

What Nintendo franchise would you like to see made into an AR Niantic adventure? How do you envision that franchise working in AR through a smartphone? Are you picturing a platforming adventure starring Mario or Kirby, some sort of app that turns your house into a The Legend of Zelda dungeon, or something else to that effect? Really, I can’t think of a better franchise to start with than Pikmin, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for the future. Share your ideas with us in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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