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Masahiro Sakurai is a central figure at Nintendo, a driving force behind many of the company’s greatest games. Nowadays, he largely focuses on the Super Smash Bros. series – and what a series it is – but sometimes, fans can’t help but wonder what Sakurai would accomplish if he took the reigns of a favorite dormant Nintendo series. We saw the magic last decade with the incredible Kid Icarus: Uprising, a game that completely redefined and revitalized the series and its characters. It’d be wonderful to see Sakurai branch out like that again. If you got to choose the series Sakurai worked on next, what would you pick?

I’d like him to take a crack at Star Fox. Partially because I trust his vision as a design director in general, and partially because Kid Icarus: Uprising nails two aspects that just might be central to the future of the Star Fox series: on-rails flight and on-foot running and gunning. The Star Fox franchise can’t catch a break nowadays, partially because of a complete lack of direction. If anybody can fix it, it just might be Sakurai.

What Nintendo franchise would you like to see Sakurai work on? Why? Let us know your pick in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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