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The world can never have too many Mega Man games. Capcom itself used to believe that, cranking out sequels for multiple franchises simultaneously for years. Now, releases have settled into a more moderate rhythm, which is probably healthier for the brand, but the hardcore fans are always on the lookout for something else to try. Along those lines, we have Adrien “Xeno” Godard’s fan game Star Man 2: Reupgraded, a game where Star Man from Mega Man 5 is making his return — but as the protagonist. He also seems to be battling the bosses from Game Boy classic Mega Man V.

Star Man 2 is being made in GameMaker Studio with attractive original assets, but it also seems to have all the gameplay fidelity of a ROM hack. So it looks to be the best of both worlds! Like in fellow fan game Mega Man Perfect Blue, this game has on-screen damage calculation to tell you how effective your attacks are, which is a nice touch though doesn’t really play much into the newest video released.

The only question with Star Man 2 is how challenging it will actually be. After all, Star Man has a really versatile power — his default ability is a barrier of stars around his body, which protects him from projectiles, and he can then launch it in one of multiple directions. That means his attacks have major range with a huge hit box, and he can protect himself from most attacks. It… really makes me wonder how he lost to Mega Man in the first place.

That aside, Star Man 2 looks pretty fun, and if the worst that can be said about it is that you’re too powerful, that in itself might give the game some unique appeal in the Mega Man fan game community. Follow Xeno’s YouTube channel or Discord for more updates on the game. Judging by the comments on the above video, it seems Perfect Blue‘s RRThiel is already a fan of it.

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